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Mission #onlyhomeonce Day 11

Written by Eden Grimm


Posted on Márta 28 2020

Today, we're inviting you to use your imagination to tell a story!

Imagine that you're a real life princess and you're castle is the one in the photo.  But, you're stuck in your castle for 13 years.  During this time, you couldn't go outside or do your normal activities.  This is probably not too difficult for you to imagine since we have all been spending a lot of time in our homes recently, and this may even remind you of one of your favorite movie characters.

But, eventually there will be a time that you're able to open the castle doors and have a big party and invite the kingdom in to celebrate your princess party! 

Tell us the details of your party!  How would you celebrate?  What kind of princess food would there be?  Would there be decorations?  Would you invite your friends and family?

Tag us on instagram @onlylittleoncedesigns and use the hashtag #onlyhomeonce.  We send happy mail at 7pm EST each day!



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