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Mission #Onlyhomeonce Day 13- Put a Rainbow in your Window

Written by Eden Grimm


Posted on március 30 2020

Today is a new day.  It is also the day after we learned that we would be practicing social distancing for another 30 days.  That means more home activities, projects and learning how to use our imaginations to keep ourselves busy!

On this day, we are inspired by stories we have seen across the news and social media of children in Europe and across the world who have decorated their home with a rainbow! As this news program explains, "rainbows in windows bring cheer".  We'd like to help spread cheer today and we need your help!

If you added a rainbow to your window during a previous challenge, or used chalk for your driveway, please just tag us again to count for the giveaway.  We want to encourage everyone else to draw a rainbow to spread joy to their neighborhood.  Draw a photo to tape into your window for others to see, or use any other creative idea that you have to share a rainbow with others.  Let's spread cheer!



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