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The week following our trip to Las Vegas for the trade show...

The week following our trip to Las Vegas for the trade show...

Last week was literally crazy!  I think Las Vegas is ...ALWAYS... crazy, and we found ourselves packed into the city with 100,000 of the country's most influential fashion designers, boutique owners, and manufacturers from across the globe!

We had a wonderful time creating collaborations and meeting other industry insiders!  It is always fun to visit the wholesale shows to see all of the (super secret) fashions that are 9 months from being available to the public!  At this time last year, we found ourselves questioning how velvet could resurrect from the 1990's to become "the" fashion trend for 2017.  It was hardly imaginable, but, of course, this did happen and velvet is still showing up in spring trends.  (Velvet as a spring fabric?...hmm...still thinking on that)  And, again this year, we will hold in our excitement for the trends launching for 2018!

Upon returning from Vegas, we realized we had much work to do!  Most of our wholesale orders have shipped out, and I have found myself now adding new products to the website.  

It is possible that our greatest addition for 2018 will be the twirl dress!  Over the past few months, we have played with this simple and practical silhouette, and have created a variety of styles using stretch cotton and an ultra soft milk fibre blend.  We've made solids, printed fabrics, and a combination of both!  You can plan on us offering many more twirl styles in 2018!  They're the perfect combination of beautiful and practical.

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