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Mission #onlyhomeonce Day 8- Paper Weaving

Mission #onlyhomeonce Day 8- Paper Weaving

As each day of our mission is completed, we are so encouraged by the participation of the kids who are participating in activities.  Yesterday was truly touching. On instagram, #Onlyhomeonce now shows a multitude of photos of children caring for others, sending cards to cheer up others, and reaching out to friends and family needing uplifting words of encouragement.

Even though we can't make it to normal school activities, to the park, the museum, the friends house next door...we are still all in this together.  Our activity today is intended to remind ourselves of that.  

We are stronger together than apart, and so todays activity will be paper weaving. Even though apart right now, our families are still connected, as are our friends and others who are a part of our daily lives.  Just like paper weaving, we are all woven together.

Please watch this video for instructions on how to do this simple craft.

Tag us on instagram @onlylittleoncedesigns and use the hashtag #Onlyhomeonce to show that you've completed the mission.  We will continue to choose happy mail recipients over the next week and possibly beyond.

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