Announcing operation #onlyhomeonce activities

Announcing operation #onlyhomeonce activities

Announcing operation #onlyhomeonce activities



I think we can all agree that this week has been anything but normal!  We aren't sure if there has ever been a time that all schools have been cancelled, and we have been called to work at home as much as possible, and we know that this is causing some challenges.

We are so grateful for our supporters, and relationships we have built with you over time, and are excited to do what we can to provide fun activities for your child (along with prizes) during these next few weeks!  This idea came to us after scrolling our instagram feed and seeing the true need for "at home" activities and entertainment, as well as working parents looking for a little relief in their stressful day.  

Introducing operation #onlyhomeonce!  We've planned an activity for each day, and will be sending out "Happy Mail" packages randomly to participants (to be announced daily).  We are excited to send out some happy mail to our littlest fans during this time of staying at home.  We know how much children love to receive their very own mail, and it gives us joy to share some happiness during this time!

Not only will we be hosting a daily mission, but we will also have grand prize winners chosen from followers that participate in each day, and who will receive $200 gift cards to our shop!



  • Shelbi : March 19, 2020

    When is the cut off for Wednesday’s contest? Can it be uploaded any time before the drawing at 7pm Thursday?

  • Fawn: March 19, 2020

    We don’t have access to a printer but this is such a great idea for those who do. Good luck to the sweet girls that get the chance to win!

  • Amanda: March 19, 2020

    Hi I couldn’t download the pictures but I screen shot it. Is that ok

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