Mission #Onlyhomeonce Day 12- Family Time

Mission #Onlyhomeonce Day 12- Family Time

Mission #Onlyhomeonce Day 12- Family Time

We can hardly believe we have already completed 11 missions in the #onlyhomeonce challenge!  By now, if you search instagram for #onlyhomeonce, there are an overwhelming number of photos of children who spark joy and are encouraging in spirit!  We are so grateful to them!

Today's mission is simple.  Take some time to be with your family.  Read a good book, watch a movie, FaceTime with someone you miss.  We wanted to give something of a "day off" to the mom's and dad's who have been actively participating in these missions.  Enjoy your family.  Tag us in something simple- a photo of your pet, a pretty flower if you go outside for a walk, or a silly picture of your little one enjoying life!  More than anything, take time to be together as a family!


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