Mission #onlyhomeonce Day 4

Mission #onlyhomeonce Day 4

Mission #onlyhomeonce Day 4

We've been receiving emails and messages each day about the happiness our missions have brought to children, and we are so happy to be able to provide these activities to help pass the time!

After some questions and emails yesterday, we also feel obligatedย to clarify the purpose of our mission. ย Our primary goal is to provide suggestions for entertainment for children who are staying at home during the COVID-19 epidemic. ย We are not sure yet if this is formally considered a giveaway, sweepstakes or contest, but are looking into it. ย We know that this time is particularly difficult for all of us, but also something that may be especially difficult for children to understand. ย We hope that our activity suggestions will help to pass the time each day, and provide you child(ren) with a fun distraction.

The definition of "happy mail" is Only Little Once products, toys, or other items we will be gifting to participants.

Our desire is to provide "happy mail packages" to as many participants as we can. ย In order to comply with rules we believe may be necessary, we want to clarify more specific rules (see below). ย We apologize sincerely if there has been any previous confusion over the rules for our mission. ย Participants can be chosen to receive free "Happy Mail" for any reason- they may beย chosen randomly,ย or based on merit, creativity, humor, or any other reason we deem appropriate to send "happy mail". ย Our purpose is to give away as much happy mail as possible. ย Please see officialย rules below for specifics.

That said, todays mission is as follows:

Laughter is the best medicine! ย Tag us on instagram @onlylittleoncedesigns with the hashtag #onlyhomeonce and have your child tell us their favorite joke. ย We will choose some participantsย to receive a free twirl dress.

Official Rules:

- This "happy mail" eventย is not sponsored or endorsed by Instagram
- No purchase is necessary to enter or win
- Limit one (1) entry per person per day
- Potential recipientsย will be notified via Instagram

-Participants may be chosen randomly, based on merit, or other criteria
- Only Little Onceย and family brand employees are excluded from entry

-Amount of "Happy mail" available may vary by day, and may be increased without notice




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