Jasmine Princess twirl dress

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Our cotton Jasmine dress is made for everyday wear as well as dress up time! 95% cotton/5% spandex fabric is machine washable and easy to care for, so she can dress up as her favorite princess without a fussy costume. We use our popular "twirl dress" pattern good for thousands of twirls and lots of fun!

This dress also features a chiffon overlay and sleeves, as well as a cotton crochet lace trim in a beautiful gold color.

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Size Chart (please see diagram in photos for info on how to measure. Please note, dress should be measured lying flat.):

Size 2- Length 20", chest 10"
Size 3- Length 21.25", chest 10.5"
Size 4- Length 22.5", chest 11"
Size 5- Length 23.75", chest 11.5"
Size 6- Length 25", chest 12"
Size 7- Length 26.25", chest 12.5"
Size 8- Length 27.5", chest 13"
Size 10- Length 29.5", chest 13.75"
Size 12- Length 31.5", chest 14.25"
Size 14- Length 33.25", Chest 15"