Mission #onlyhomeonce Day 11
Imagine that you're a real life princess and you're castle is the one in the photo.  But, you're stuck in your castle for 13 years.  During this time, you couldn't go outside or do your normal activities.  This is probably not too difficult for you to imagine since we have all been spending a lot of time in our homes recently, and this may even remind you of one of your favorite movie characters.
Mission #onlyhomeonce Day 8- Paper Weaving

We are stronger together than apart, and so todays activity will be paper weaving. Even though apart right now, our families are still connected, as are our friends and others who are a part of our daily lives.  Just like paper weaving, we are all woven together.

Mission #onlyhomeonce Day 7- Send Happy Mail
Today, we'd like to ask YOU to be a part of our mission by sending happy mail to someone you know!  We want to encourage you to sit down and draw a nice picture, and send a note to someone that you think deserves some happy mail of their own!  Especially right now, when so many activities have been cancelled, use this day to send a happy card or letter out to your friend, Grandma, or other special person!
Mission #onlyhomeonce day 5- twirling
Todays mission is simple!  We're going to be twirling throughout the day.  Put on your favorite Only Little Once twirl dress (or any other dress), and tag us with your best "twirl"!  We want to see your best twirling skills at work today!  Tag us on instagram @onlylittleoncedesigns and use the hashtag #onlyhomeonce.
Mission #onlyhomeonce Day 4

That said, todays mission is as follows:

Laughter is the best medicine!  Tag us on instagram @onlylittleonce with the hashtag #onlyhomeonce and have your child tell us their favorite joke.  We will choose some winners to receive a free twirl dress.

Operation #Onlyhomeonce mission Day 3: Be the designer...
Day 3's activity is simple!  Tell your child that they are now the fashion designer!  We are asking our participants to draw a dress or outfit that reflects their personal style.  You never know...we might just take some inspiration from their drawings!