On this rainy day in Houston, we are thinking of spring...

On this rainy day in Houston, we are thinking of spring...

On this rainy day in Houston, we are thinking of spring...

When I go to pick my kids up from school everyday, I drive past a little pond in the school yard. ย It's pretty simple, with a manmade water fountain, and a few happy ducks and turtles that live there.

It is warmer here now, and the record breaking ice storms from this winter have passed. ย In our 75 degree rainy day, I noticed the most bizarre act of nature. ย While I have driven past this pond countless times before, I have never (in my life) seen a duck swim with a turtle on it's back. ย However, apparently, they do. ย And, by the time I was able to retrieve mini me from her class line, the turtle was left to sunbathe in the center of the waterfall. ย 

This was, first of all, bizarre in itself. ย But, also a reminder that we have survived another winter, which was also bizarre. ย Houston is lucky to receive snow -ever-, but to receive snow three times in one winter was hugely delightful to children everywhere. ย Now that spring is here, we look forward to new events- Spring break will be here soon, followed by Easter, school graduations, summer vacations, summer weddings, and so much more.

It is with a delay that we are finally releasing my favorite special occasion dress of 2018. ย The popular angel dress has been created in a white satin, but featuring the same delicate lace and crochet details that we have previously loved. ย Let this post be a reminder that seasonal wardrobes are changing, and Easter will soon be here. ย If you have not chosen an Easter dress, or have a special occasion such as 1st communion coming up, this would be a perfect choice!


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