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Our clothing includes care instructions on the tag inside of the garment.  Our fabrics are intended to be washed and worn over and over again for maximum enjoyment!  Please keep in mind that, when caring for your clothing, there are ways you can maximize the color vibrancy and long term appearance. We have found washing garments with embellishments is best when done in a garment bag.

Our fabrics are dyed and pre-washed to protect the color.  We have a very low defect rate, and have found that almost all all product issues are associated with "color catchers" being added to a load of laundry along with your OLO garment.  Please proceed with extreme caution, or consider washing the garment alone.  In some cases, we have also found that organic laundry detergents occasionally  impact color vibrancy due to the alternative ingredients in the detergent.

These issues have occurred for an extremely small number of customers, but we want to mention this for your consideration!